Artificial intelligence for day traders

Bytemine is a market prediction and analysis platform providing financial traders with actionable buy and sell signals based on emerging chart patterns and technical market levels. Our high-probability trading signals combine technical concepts, statistical analysis and machine learning ranking algorithms, providing traders with easy-to-understand, consistent and actionable trading recommendations.

Candlestick patterns
Candlestick patterns
Identify breakouts, trend reversals and anticipate market moves based on the formation of reliable candlestick patterns.
Fibonacci pivot points
Fibonacci pivot points
Accurately predict market extensions, retracements and projections based on Fibonacci support and resistance levels.
Market trend
Market trend
Identify trends and momentum across multiple timeframes simultaneously and accurately forecast future market moves.

Machine learning based signal aggregator

Unlike other trading signal platforms, the Bytemine application systematically combines the output of our trading algorithms and backtests the results with over 30 years of historical market data in order to provide a single market entry signal with a relative strength score, eliminating the subjectivity from technical analysis and the interpretation of conflicting technical indicators and signals.

All timeframes
Whether you’re a day trader using minute charts, a swing trader using hourly charts or a position trader using daily charts our algorithms can be used for all timeframes.
All markets
Our algorithms can be applied to all markets so no matter what your preferred choice of assets to trade, it’s simple to include our trading signals in your strategy.
All devices

Whether you’re at work, on the go or at home you can receive buy and sell trading signals for any instrument to your phone via SMS or to your email inbox.

Using algorithms to derive patterns in stockmarket data

Our technology is built using advanced tools and models however our methodologies are driven by core financial principles and time-proven trading strategies backed by academic research. Our simple to interpret, aggregated trading signals enable traders of all levels to make better trading decisions and thrive in an increasingly complex world of data.

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