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Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC share). Good for long term?

Hi everyone, in this post I’m going to be talking about another PSU stock. Now, this is a large-cap stock meaning that is not that much volatile. Today I’m going to be analysing Power Corporate Finance Limited. So…

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NIIT Technologies Stock Analysis. Should you invest?

Case Study on NIIT Technologies

Hi everyone My name is Shantanu and in this post, I’ll talk about a very interesting stock which is also in my watchlist.  The name of this stock is NIIT Technologies and I’m going to talk about the…

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Is Avanti Feeds good enough for investment?

Avanti Feeds Stock Analysis

Hi, guys, my name is Shantanu and today I’m gonna be talking about another very interesting stock. The stocks name is Avanti Feeds. Let’s start with the history of the stock and why this is so interesting. So…

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What is Market Capitalization and its importance

Understanding Market Capitalization

In this article, you’re going to learn what is an index and what role does market capitalization play in buying or selling of stocks or in mutual funds. I’ve also added an example for you to understand what…

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One mind hack to achieve success in the stock market

Brain hack to achieve success in the stock market

In this article, we’re going to discuss a mind hack that can not only be useful for you in the stock market but can act as a financial lesson for you. The article is based on a lesson…

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How to Trade The Inside Bar Pattern

Inside Bar Strategy

One of the most occurring patterns in stock markets is the Inside Bar Pattern. This is prominent as it is hard to decide what will the next move be as this pattern can be a continuation or a…

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RSI Indicator Strategies And How To Use It Effectively

How to use RSI Indicator Effectively

Indicators are very well known within the trading community. Indicators though lagging act as great confirmation signals. In this article, we’re going to understand what does RSI mean, what are possible RSI Indicator Strategies and how you can…

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How to Generate Regular Income from Stock Market

How to generate regular income from stock market

Majority of the people always think of investing in a stock market as ‘Gambling’. Majority of the people also don’t believe that they can generate income consistently from the stock market itself. That is why you might have…

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Getting Started with Technical Analysis

Getting Started with Technical Analysis

When we start out to learn something new, where do we first head out to? The internet. The internet is filled with knowledgable content if you wish to use it for that purpose and when it comes to…

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Avoiding distractions and staying focused while trading

Avoid distraction tips and tricks!

We all get distracted at some point of time or other, be it the daily chores or other time-consuming tasks. Especially if you’re a trader, distractions can literally make you lose money! We all know about coronavirus and…

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