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Avoiding distractions and staying focused while trading

Avoid distraction tips and tricks!

We all get distracted at some point of time or other, be it the daily chores or other time-consuming tasks. Especially if you’re a trader, distractions can literally make you lose money! We all know about coronavirus and…

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4 Useful Strategies for Range-Bound Markets

Bollinger bands in choppy market

Range bound markets are pretty common in the markets. Trading in a range-bound or ‘choppy’ market is a bit of a task in itself and many times, it so might happen that you can book an unforeseen loss,…

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Best trading strategy if you’re using less capital or have a small trading account

Swing trading

It is very common nowadays (due to the internet) many people are opting to learn about stock markets and the profits and the losses it can give. While most of the new traders lose money instead of booking…

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Which is the best time frame for intraday trading

If you’re just a beginner and have started foraying into the world of trading and investing, you might have heard of the term ‘intraday trading’. ‘Intraday trading’ is also known as Day trading. Since the inception of the…

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Drawing Support and Resistance lines correctly – Setting correct targets and stop-loss

Often at times after taking up a trade, you would have experienced a huge profit at first (while the price action is yet to hit your target), but then suddenly the price action reverses and hits your stop-loss….

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Simple MACD strategy with 90% accuracy – Book profits in the stock market easily.

We’ve all waited for the right time to buy/sell a stock when the MACD gives us the respective signal, however, most of the time the signal that we receive is either a false signal or the price action…

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