How it works

Empowering traders to make better informed trading decisions

Bytemine was developed to meet the needs of all traders, new and experienced. Our algorithms automatically identify subtle indications of an imminent change in the market trend and alert traders of high probability trading opportunities. Only when the output all of our price-action algorithms are aligned and the output has been backtested to estimate the probability, will a trading signal be generated and shared.

Market trend
Our algorithm analyses market data across multiple timeframes to score all trends against specific criteria, the trend with the highest score is selected.
Pattern formation
Following the market trend, our algorithm searches for the formation of high-probability candlestick patterns in order to determine market entry points.
Support and resistance
Fibonacci pivot points and key support and resistance levels are automatically identifed in real-time and price targets and market exit points are calculated.
Trading signal
A simple to interpret trading signal with a percentage score for signal strength is generated and shared, enabling traders to anticipate market movements and open trades.

COMING SOON – Configure personalised trading parameters for the Bytemine trading signal ouput to further refine your trading strategy

Transparent logic
All of our forecasts have a fully transparent and defensible logic providing traders with sufficient information and the confidence they need to quickly make an assessment and quickly execute trades.
Simple to interpret
Our forecasts are leading indicators calculated in realtime to changing market conditions. enabling traders to execute trades in highly volatile markets quickly without emotion, prejudice or fatigue.
Trade high probabilities
Starting turning opportunities into profitable trades using our trading algorithm